Merry Christmas!

We have finally come to the close of what has quite possibly been the craziest, busiest, most stressful season for our family, ever. And now . . . we’re exhausted.

In the last three weeks, we have moved out of our old house, lived with my parents for a week, overseen minor renovations along with complete painting and carpeting of our new house, and moved in our new house, during the “busy season” at Casey’s work, while trying to do at least some of our normal Christmas stuff with a ten-month-old and a sick three year old. Right now Casey is passed out on the couch after working twelve-hour days all week and then coming home to help me move furniture and hang blinds each night.

Last night, with very little personal motivation, I set up the smallest, saddest Christmas tree in Picker history. In fact, if it weren’t for the kids we probably would have skipped it altogether this year, but Caleb wanted one and it is Josiah’s first Christmas, so we had to. I can’t help but feel that they’ve been cheated of Christmas this year. With everything that has been going on, we haven’t been able to focus like I want to or celebrate in all the fun ways that I would like to, though we did squeeze in a visit to Santa, on moving day no less. I just keep thinking, “Next year, we’ll do it right.” But I’ve just had to let it go, realizing that, at three and eleven months, they probably won’t remember this Christmas, and the all gingerbread houses, parties, and plays aren’t that important anyway.

What I want more than anything this Christmas is PEACE, and a few silent nights wouldn’t hurt either. We’re looking forward to slowing way down this week and enjoying Christmas with our sweet boys while we share with them the beautiful mystery of the birth of Christ.

So, needless to say, with all the craziness, there will be no Christmas cards from us this year. I’m sure you’ve been checking your mailbox every day for the last week, so I’m sorry to disappoint you.

We would, however, still love to wish you a very Merry Christmas and tell you how thankful we are for all of our sweet friends and family. This has been an incredibly challenging and blessed year for us. (Isn’t it funny how those always seem to come together, the challenges and the blessings? That’s a post for another day.) Walking through this year with you has been a blessing to us, and we hope we can love and support you and your family as beautifully as you have loved and supported us in the years to come.

We took this photo ourselves, with the tripod and self-timer, which is why Josiah seems a little confused.

I’ll leave you with a little silliness. It’s nearly impossible to capture the spirit of my two boys with the camera. I hope you can read between the lines.

Merry Christmas!

  • bethany

    Love us some picker famiy!! great photos! merry christmas from the gurske gang! get some relaxing in!!!

  • Aunt Jo

    What a wonderful Christmas Card! I haven’t done much for christmas either. Chuck has had a blood clot in his left leg for over a week. He goes back to the doctor tomorrow. I have been giving him a shot of blood thinner each morning. Just call me nurse Ratchet!

    Hope your holiday is sweet and restful! Enjoy that new home!

    Love you all!

  • Grammie

    I love your card! So green!! The pictures are wonderful!! We aren’t doing as much this year either. IT has been very different with mom here. The days I have a “Betty sitter”, I don’t seem to get much done. We did shop for a family that have 3 girls. The oldest loves scrap booking, so that was really fun! also we made a DVD for the Arkansas Houtchens bunch. It is up to my usual standards, so I know you will want to see it as well! The only gifts I have left to get are for Caleb and Josiah. I have a few, but I’m waiting to hear what they get from everyone else. See you next week!!

  • Mema

    Wonderful pictures. Thank you. This is the first time in the 56 years we have been married, we have not had a Christmas tree. Your mom got out a few Christmas decoration when she was here. So we have a little Christmas Sprit. She promises to come back in January and put them up. Your folks offered to put up the tree, but we decided it was too much this year. I am just thankful to be up part of the time. Merry Christmas to each of you. You will get you Christmas at your folks on Christmas.
    Love to each of you.

  • Aunt Julie

    Merry Christmas! I love you!!!!

  • Kent and Kari

    What great pics! We love y’all and enjoy watching your boys grow up through all the pictures you post!!! Have a great Christmas, and hopefully we’ll get to see you on one of our visits to Searcy! I need to get your new address:)

    Kent and Kari

  • Grandma Syble and Grandpa Picker

    What cute boys. We sure would love to see all of you. Derek, Dustin, Erica and Daniel and Judy and David are coming for Christmas. If you all have time we would all love to see you, if only for a short visit. Derek and Dustin are coming Wednesday, and will leave after church Sunday.

    Hope your main stress is over, and that you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season.

    And also we want to wish you a Happy Anniversary. I think it is tomorrow, isn’t it? We are thankful God brought the two of you together. Love, Grandma Syble and Grandpa Fre

  • Cory

    Love the pictures! We’ll make a gingerbread house or two when you’re here. We will Christmas it up for you while you are here! I’ve probably done enough for two families! I’m so glad you’re in the house. Can’t wait to see it! See you in a week!! Love ya!

  • Mirela Monte

    I loved your blogs! I was doing research on Ethiopia and found you posts and I fell in love with your family. I loved your candid and free style of writing and enjoyed being a part of your family if only for a few minutes. Heart warming. Merry Christmas! Please subscribe me to your blog.