Nine Months Old


Life has been moving fast over the last few weeks, and it takes all this momma has just to keep up. Both boys are growing like weeds and are definitely setting some Picker/Stanford records in the size department. Josiah is a whopping 22 pounds now, but, trust me, at the end of the day he feels more like 75.

Casey recently accepted a new position at BookFool as web developer/computer programmer. Starting Monday, he will be working from home full-time. After eight years in the corporate world, he’s excited to do something really different. We’re also excited about the awesome people he will be working with.

With that new development, we have recently put our house up for sale. We’re hoping to get into something a little bigger so Case can have an office (he’s currently working on a card table in our bedroom), our crazy boys can have a little more room to run around, and, of course, so we can squeeze one or two more Ethiopian cuties into our family someday. After just one week of having our house on the market, I’m exhausted. It is hard work keeping everything picked up and ready to show. Hopefully it will sell sooner rather than later.

I’ll leave you with some more pictures of Josiah. He turned nine months old today. We are so in love with the precious baby boy and can’t imagine life without his sweet face. I tried to get some good pictures of all of my sweet boys, but one in particular wouldn’t cooperate. I’ll let you guess who.

  • Sarah

    When our house was on the market, one of the best tips I got was to get some Windex wipes to stash under the counters. It’s an amazing how a shiny faucet can make the whole bathroom (or kitchen) look spotless–even if it’s not. The other trick was using the washer and dryer to hide stuff. I think once I even put some dirty dishes in there.

  • Laura

    Josiah is such a cutie! (Of course, Caleb is too!) Good luck with your house! I know how hard it is to keep it “showable” with 2 kiddos! Some good advice I got when we were in that situation was to keep an empty laundry basket available, and if you get a call for a last minute showing, just pick up everything you need to, put it in the basket, and take the basket in the car with you. Hope it sells fast!

  • Mary Beth

    Great tips girls! I will be implementing those ASAP. Thanks!

  • Grammie

    Well, those are some of the best looking men I have ever seen! I can not believe how big Josiah is getting!! You need a bigger house just because they are going to be too big to get in it! WE are excited about Casey’s new job. I know he will do great, he always does.

    Find a house with a basement, they are just wonderful. The boys can play there and the toys and mess can stay down there as well!!

    Your house always looks great, you are so neat and tidy & a good decorator as well. The house will sell quickly.

    love you four!

  • Cory

    Those are great pics! How is it that you have such big babies! I guess your arms will always be buff!! We will keep you guys in our prayers with the new job and home for sale. Some great tips for keeping the house ready to show. I’ll remember them if we ever decide to sell. I need to call you to tell you the dream I had about Josiah. Love ya!

  • emily

    i love the pics of josiah! i did not realize that he is one day older than amelia! she turns 9 months old today! and i am laughing because we just plopped her in the backyard last week for some pictures in front of our fence…. almost just like the pictures of josiah. :) (though i think your grass is a bit greener than ours!) i am also loving the showing-your-house-and-cleaning-up-quick advice! we don’t really ever intend on selling our house, but i may use those tricks when i have last minute company!!!! glad you’re doing well. i understand the busy-ness of little ones at your feet all day, but i know you wouldn’t have it any other way. i know i wouldn’t. love to you.

  • Grandma Syble and Grandpa Picker

    Thanks again fo sending the pictures of the boys. I know they keep you hopping. We are excited to hear about Casey’s new job. And by the way, we have a nice house next door for sale. Sure would love to have you as neighbors. Elizabeth Woodroof did a great job painting it. One good thing, it is empty and I don’t have to worry about keeping it picked up. Just hope yours and ours both sell quickly. Love all 4 of you much.

  • momma

    I can’t stand it when certain little ones wrinkle their brows and pucker up! Does something to my heart!! I love the pictures.