Ethiopia Day Three

On day three, our entire group visited the Ethiopian National Museum. It was fascinating to see some of the ancient history of Ethiopia. There were many artifacts on display that had been used by Ethiopian royalty, but one of the most memorable was the emperor Haile Selassie’s throne.

Emperor's Throne with tiny Queen's throne beside

Emperor’s Throne with tiny Queen’s throne beside

Ancient Dice

Ancient Dice

Ancient Handmade Crosses

Ancient Handmade Crosses

Mary Beth next to a beautiful tapestry

Mary Beth next to some Ethiopian artwork

This museum is also home to Lucy, the fossil. We went down to the basement to catch a glimpse of these famous remains, but unfortunately Lucy was in Seattle at the time. She’s been in New York all summer, so it sounds like she gets out a lot.

Lucy the Fossil

Lucy the Fossil

After the museum, we headed over to an internet cafe, where I was hoping to upload lots of pictures and share a lengthy blog post, but the internet was EXTREMELY slow. So, I was only able to post one small picture.

Next, we headed over to an authentic Ethiopian restaurant for lunch. Their traditional food is very good, so we really enjoyed this experience. We were able to spend some good time visiting with one of the other families that ate lunch with us. It’s always encouraging to talk with others who share our same passion for adoption.

Our Traditional Ethiopian Lunch

Our Traditional Ethiopian Lunch

After lunch, we headed back to the care center to spend some more time with our precious boy. Seeing all of the cultural sights of Ethiopia were fun, but they couldn’t compare to spending time with him!

After playing with Josiah for several hours that afternoon, we headed back to our hotel to rest. Later that night, the whole group journeyed out for a cultural dinner/show at a nearby hotel. This was a great highlight of the trip. We had more good food, while we enjoyed some traditional Ethiopian music and dancing. The dancers were amazingly talented and very entertaining.

When we finally arrived back at our hotel that night, we were both exhausted from the day’s events. That night we anxiously looked forward to the next day when we would travel south to Durame and see Josiah’s birthplace.

  • Papa

    We are enjoying the details of your trip and look forward
    to compliling all into one complete story.


  • Grandma Syble and Grandpa Picker

    Hoping to see you all, and hold little Josiah real soon. We get more anxious every day to see all of you.

  • Julie Stanford

    Fascinating reading! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to more posts!
    Aunt Julie

  • Mema

    Your writing is so interesting, I anxiously await the next one. I loved the pictures of Josiah on your face book. They were really precious.