Great Grandparents


Caleb got to meet his first set of great grandparents last night. My paternal grandparents drove down yesterday to meet Caleb and it was wonderful to see them meet for the first time. My grandma held him for so long that I didn’t think she was going to let grandpa hold him, but she finally gave in! :)

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It’s really been wonderful to see everyone’s first reaction when they meet Caleb. Some people just sit back and quietly take in all of his features, while others just ooh and awe as they proceed to make baby noises at him.

Well, we’re all going up to the cabin for the Memorial day weekend and I’m REALLY excited! I’m looking forward to relaxing, playing a little golf, doing some swimming, and showing Caleb the river. We’re just going to have a great time!

If any of y’all have any weekend activities planned, let me know about them in the comments!

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