Caleb Goes to Church


The day started off with Caleb and me making Mary Beth breakfast in bed with roses. Everyone was hungry, so we all decided to share the Mother’s Day meal of bacon, eggs, toast, and OJ. :P

After breakfast, we all got ready to go to church. Caleb looked so cute in his little baby gown and he was definitely ready for his first outing since the hospital. We arrived at church just a few minutes late, and Caleb definitely got the “rock star” treatment. Mary Beth’s parents had saved us a couple of seats near the front and everyone at church just kept staring at him like he was the first baby they had ever seen! Well, he probably wasn’t the first baby they’d seen, but he was definitely the cutest! :P

Near the end of the church service I got up, introduced him to the church, and had one of our elders pray over him. It was a very special time that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

Later, I found out that I wasn’t the only proud one that wanted to show off Caleb. My dad somehow found a way to slip Caleb into his Mother’s Day sermon. He’s only two and a half weeks old and he’s already famous nationwide!

After church we went over to Mary Beth’s parents’ house and had a great Mother’s Day dinner. After that, we finally went home and crashed…

After knowing Mary Beth for almost 7 years, it’s been such a blessing to see what a wonderful mother she is becoming. It makes me so proud to be her husband…

To all the moms out there…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

  • Nana and Pap

    He is sooo beautiful. Also his Mom and Dad are very special to us. Keep us up to date. We love you three