Web Outreach

The internet is often used as a place to spread anger, hatred, and lies, but it can also be used as a tool to spread love and truth. I have come across a few sites lately that have been trying to do the latter:

Internet Evangelism Day – May 7, 2006

They’re trying to promote the web as a great place for outreach. From their site:

We wish to communicate the outreach potential of the Web to the worldwide church. We therefore offer a worldwide annual focus day – for Christians to discover the potential of this new medium.

I think this is a great idea! It’s time for churches to stop being afraid of the web and start using it as a tool for the Lord.

Secondly, People2Pray is a website for managing and sharing prayer requests with others. I know this doesn’t exactly fall under the category of outreach, but I think this is just another example of people embracing the internet as a tool to help them grow in their spiritual walk. It’s also neat to know exactly how many people are praying for you.

Finally, I’m sure you may have noticed the little, blue icon in the top left corner of my site. I have discovered a website (Coming out May 7th) where believers will be able to share their testimony of faith. I think it will be a very cool thing to see how others have come to faith and their journey along the way.

I hope others begin to view the web as a tool in their outreach, rather than a hindrance.

  • http://www.dasbecca.com/ becca

    I love this idea– I can’t wait till some of these launch. The Internet is a tool for information, and it’s great the Church is using it to spread the most important knowledge of all.