CalebMy wife and I went to the doctor’s yesterday to have our 20 week ultrasound. The ultrasound technician said that the baby looked very healthy and there was no doubt that it’s a boy. We were so excited!

Right after the appointment, I got on the phone and started calling family. My mom was the first to hear and she was really excited. After talking to her, I called my dad to tell him the news. He was really excited that we were “carrying on the family name”. Next, I talked to my sister and she was so excited that Carter would have a boy cousin to wrestle around with. So, needless to say, all of my family was ecstatic about the news.

After all of the excitement on my side of the family, we went over to my in-law’s house to tell them the news. Mary Beth’s dad literally jumped for joy and her mom screamed with delight! We showed them the ultrasound video and pointed out all his “male parts” (in the words of the ultrasound technician). There’s no doubt, he’s all boy.

After all of the excitement settled down a little bit and everyone had heard the news, I went about trying to convert the VHS tape into a digital format to e-mail to relatives and put on my blog. For some reason, there were technical difficulties and I was unable to convert it. I might try again later, but for now the pictures will have to suffice.

I still can’t believe that we’re going to have a son…

View the Ultrasound photos

  • Elijah Manor


    Congrats… our little Abby might have a future boyfriend in the works   :)

    That is very exciting news.

    I pray that your son will be used mightily in God’s kingdom.

    God bless and enjoy every minute of it!


  • Papa Oakley

    Casey and Mary Beth. Simply wonderful! We are so happy for you, for the
    grandparents and ourselves.


  • becca

    A BOY! I’m so thrilled for you!!! I told Jason yesterday that it was The Big Day and you were going to find out if it was a son or daughter. Boys are such blessings– you’re just going to adore him. It’s Caleb, right? Welcome to the Picker family, little guy!    :-D

  • Casey

    We’re soooo excited! I’ve been telling everyone at work today and the guys usually respond like this: “Cool, you’re going to have a son.? The women at work usually respond like this: “CONGRATULATIONS!! That’s so exciting, what’s the name? When’s the due date? How’s Mary Beth doing? etc…?

    God definitely made men & women different…   :P

  • Morris and Brenda

    Congratulations on the news of CKP! We can’t wait to meet him in April. I know you and Mary Beth are going to be great parents – we’re very happy for you!

    Morris and Brenda

  • Gramps (Picker)

    I pray that he will be a son who brings you the joy and pride that you have brought to us.


  • Wayne Larimore

    “CONGRATULATIONS!! That’s so exciting, what’s the name? When’s the due date? How’s Mary Beth doing?” — ha, I just had to throw that in… It is exciting to find out, even better to be surprised at the MAIN event too! I’m sure either one would’ve been fine with you and Mary Beth. Congrats again.

  • Derek

    Alright!!! I am so excited for both of you! I can’t believe that you are going to be parents. You and Mary Beth are going to be great. Let me know if either of you need any advice… oh wait a minute… that would probably be a horrible idea. Ha! Thanks for the upddate


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  • baby

    we are having a boy in 22 weeks more weeks