My Wife: The Teacher

This news is kind of late, but I just couldn’t help bragging on my wife anyways…

A couple of weeks ago (Aug. 11) Mary Beth was hired as the new High School English teacher for a private Christian high school in our area. We were both so excited at the news, but she was somewhat stressed given the fact that school started in less than a week.

Since then, she has done an amazing job in every way! She is currently teaching five high school classes: one 9th grade class, two 10th grade Pre-AP classes, and two 11th grade classes. It has been quite an adjustment for both of us since she has started this new job, but I think it has been a very positive thing overall. I’m extremely proud of all of the hard work she is doing and I know that she will have a very profound impact on all of her students…

  • Jeremy

    Well, tell Mary Beth welcome to the teaching world. It’s a lot of fun, but very demanding. Tell her good luck, and we’ll be praying for her about these first few weeks (she’s gotta be hard on them).

  • Casey

    I’ll tell her to crack the whip on ‘em! :)

  • Roxy


    We’re groud of her too! Also of you, you are an awesome husband to her.


  • Casey

    Thanks mom! She’s an awesome wife to me too!! :)

  • Kurt

    I know Mary Beth will be a great teacher. I still remember my High School English teacher. She was hard, but a great teacher. Learned I a lot for such a good teacher was she :) I’m sure Mary Beth will make the classes a challenge, but very rewarding for those who want to learn. Hope she can challenge brother Billy!