We got a puppy!!!

Our Puppy!

On Saturday afternoon, my wife and I were taking a nice, quiet nap, when Allan called to tell us that he found the cutest puppy for sale. So, I crawled out of bed and drove with my wife to look at this puppy. When we saw him, we just had to have him!

He’s a Schnorkie (half Schnauzer, half Yorkshire Terrier) breed and he’s six weeks old. We named him Boo Radley, after the character in “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I’ll keep everyone updated on his progress…

  • http://www.gibsonbrown.com Diana

    Hi there! Just last year we purchased a Schnorkie! She is a gorgeous gal, a perfect blend of Schnauzer and Yorkie! We have her in a Schnauzer cut now, but before we let her coat grow long. The hair on her head and back is silver while her legs are tan. I am so smitten with the breed that I would love to get another Schnorkie. Yorkies are cute as are Schnauzers, however, the Schnorkie, in my opinion captures the best of both breeds! :)

    Good luck with Boo Radley!

  • http://www.caseypicker.com Casey

    Thanks so much! You can keep up with all of his changes by looking in the photo gallery…

  • Sandi

    Our little Schnorkie just turned 4 years old on Valentine’s Day. He has brought so much joy into our family; hope you are getting as much enjoyment from yours. I wouldn’t hesitate in getting another Schnorkie…they are great dogs and have so much personality.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/dreaminprogress Hattie

    I am looking for a puppy, and I am looking for any good websites to find my perfect puppy. I have got to get back to searching.

    Good luck with your new puppy!